Port Forwarding

We provide full and secure support for multimodal deliveries.

Bringing people together, developing partnerships.

Odesa is a city of great opportunities and open pathways, for those who know how to use them. For us, every client is a separate story, filled with meaning, service, experience and the value of shared success. We work by creating strong business relationships, from year to year, sincerely helping you become the best.

We undertake the creation and implementation of solutions for maximum benefit

Working to achieve the goal, we become part of your team.

With our help, you concentrate on the main thing, namely your business. We believe that everyone should focus on their own business. And what we will do, now we decide.

Reduce the distance between aims and the result

People often think there are three stages to transportation logistics: cargo preparation, selection of a departure point and delivery to a destination. However, in practice it often turns out to be not that simple. For our customers, we simplify the logistics system from the inside out, so that the process is as clear and comfortable as possible for everyone.

We create an individually-tailored route model and we comprehensively solve all the issues related to transportation, so you can be calm, and confident that all business processes will be implemented successfully. We provide support and all necessary maintenance, with the aim, simply, of reducing the distance between your goal and its successful achievement.

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What else can we do for you?

We are always ready to assess the state of play and together create a reliable logistics model. Where do we start?

By Sea
By Sea
By Rail
By Rail
By Road
By Road
By Air
By Air

A time-saving approach

we help with paperwork and documents

we develop an individual way of handling special cargoes with port terminals

we control all loading and unloading process

we work with the port terminal and port authorities

we carry out operations for the placement of cargo in storage

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We will make you leaders, so we can share in your success!

Your success is a sign of our well-coordinated, conscientious and meticulous work. All you need right now is an understanding of the processes. Join us for a cup of coffee, and see everything, with your own eyes, from the inside.

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