We care about you,
we provide confidence and peace of mind for your business

This is how we lay the foundation of relations for the future. And this is how we change the world of logistics from the inside.

We strive to leave sincere impressions from our work

We are players of the same team and take responsibility for those business processes of your business in which we are competent! We devote maximum time and personally work with you as much as necessary. And we never promise what we cannot fulfill. For us it is a taboo.

We believe that every client deserves special treatment. And you are no exception! Therefore, we surround ourselves with care, build relationships based on honesty and mutual assistance in order to remain friends. We cheer for your success as much as for ours!

And we do not look for benefit in failures, because we are not indifferent to the fate of your business, just like you.

Process ours with you joint work we imagine so...

  • 1 We arrange a meeting and conduct an interview
  • 2 We understand the tasks involved
  • 3 We develop a conceptualization
  • 4 We discuss the details
  • 5 We create a logistics route
  • 6 We analyze the risks
  • 7 We create plan B
  • 8 We embark on the logistics project
  • 9 We share recognition and success
  • 10 We raise our glasses!

Duke Active Team

You will get to know each of us better in the course of our work, but for now we present our active team as follows.

Oleksandr Katerynchak

Co-owner and Managing Partner

Volodymyr Babilunga

Co-owner and Managing Partner

Iryna Nesterenko

Sales Manager

Anastasia Karpenko

Sales Manager

Ekaterina Baranova

Sales Manager

Dmytro Kozlov

Sales Manager

Valery Nikandrova

Sales Manager

Anna Buryakova

Sales Manager

Kateryna Sichevska

Export manager

Svitlana Murzanovska

Import manager

Sergey Nekryata

Director of the transport company

Anastasia Kontsur

Transport dispatcher

Alla Orlyk

Head of the R/D transportation department

Ekaterina Stariradova


Olga Duloglo


Natalia Shymanova


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Duke Active manifesto

is what we believe in, and adhere to, in our value system

We create partnerships and establish relationships that help us achieve our goals every day.

We make the world of logistics easier and better, so you can be calm, and have confidence in the processes of transportation

We believe in the power of logistics processes and their importance for the development of Ukraine's economy.

We enjoy the energy of logistics, which helps our customers become business leaders and experts

We unite people, reducing the distance between their goals and ultimate success.

We realize desires and achieve goals, inspiring our customers to new exploits

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