Delievery to the moon

The development of business in the conditions of the pandemic has made the field of cargo transportation stronger. Today we offer a look at the good things that 2020 will bring to logistics.

In April, it is customary to talk about space, so today there is news of extraterrestrial deliveries.


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Suez Canal

Only the cargo owners of the vessels blocked in the Suez Canal did not joke about the situation in the Suez Canal. According to Bloomberg, approximately 240 vessels - container carriers and tankers - accumulated in the queue at both ends of the "logistics artery" during the blockade. About 12% of world trade passes through Suez. That's 50 ships every day and about 19,000 a year. Egypt alone lost

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Everyone loves coffee at Duke Active!

Grain and ground coffee of the "Starbucks" brand is now officially presented in Ukrainian stores. If you have been to Starbucks coffee shops in Europe and miss their drinks, now you can make them at home - signature recipes are available on the brand's official website

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Law on production and circulation of alcohol

On July 1, 2020, changes to the law on the production and circulation of alcohol entered into force in Ukraine. The state will no longer be a monopoly of the industry, and idle subsidized factories are already being sold at auctions. Since July of this year, the construction of new enterprises for the production of alcohol, as well as the export of products by private companies, is allowed, subject to obtaining a license.

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