We turn ordinary transportation processes into profitable business solutions. Easily and affordably manage movements. Our own fleet of 50 cars helps us build convenient routes that are sure to please you. We achieve our goals taking into account all the formalities and rules of road transport. We offer you an individual solution taking into account all parameters, regardless of the length of the route.

Create a flexible route with high speed delivery

After the first meeting, we plan a transparent transportation model - all for your confidence. We provide peace of mind even with the most difficult shipments.

Our fleet of 50 vehicles helps us to construct routes, leaving a good impression of the path we selected. We give you the best result, taking into account all the formalities and rules of vehicle transportation. We develop individual solutions, taking into account all parameters, whatever the length of the route.

We undertake the creation and implementation of solutions for maximum benefit

Working to achieve the goal, we become part of your team.

With our help, you concentrate on the main thing, namely your business. We believe that everyone should focus on their own business. And what we will do, now we decide.

Why should you choose our road freight transport services?

Road freight transportation from Duke Active is fast and efficient delivery of your cargo to any point in Ukraine and Europe. We offer flexible routes with fast delivery speeds to ensure you get the best conditions for transporting your goods.

We understand the importance of speed and reliability in freight transportation and are ready to provide you with the best solutions for your business. Our experience and professional approach will allow you to focus on the main thing - your business, putting on our shoulders the organization of efficient and safe transportation. Choose Duke Active for the best trucking in your business.

Our services include:

  • Selection of the optimal transportation route: Our team of logistics experts works to select the best route for your cargo, taking into account your needs and requirements in terms of time, cost and security.
  • Preparation of all the necessary documents for the cargo: We undertake the entire process of preparing the documents necessary for carrying out cargo transportation, providing you with complete peace of mind and confidence in the correctness of their preparation.
  • Customs clearance and cargo insurance: Our customs clearance specialists carry out all the necessary procedures for the smooth import or export of your cargo across borders, and also provide a wide range of cargo insurance services.
  • Shipping Cost Calculation: We offer a transparent and transparent shipping cost calculation system where all costs are clearly disclosed so that you can accurately calculate your shipping costs and plan your budget effectively.
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    What else can we do

    We are always ready to assess the state of play and together create a reliable logistics model. Where do we start?

    Port Forwarding
    Port Forwarding
    By Sea
    By Sea
    By Rail
    By Rail
    By Air
    By Air

    We surround your ideas, goals and needs with care, in order to ...

    help you in the implementation of logistics projects of any complexity

    let you enjoy moments of your life and not worry about routes

    save time and energy for the benefit of your business

    inspire to new victories, realizing any of your business's plans

    deliver goods to remote and inaccessible places

    relieve worries and avoid the hassles of obtaining permits and licenses for the transportation of dangerous goods, in accordance with the requirements of the Legislation

    make all the stages of cooperation a pleasure

    provide support in logistics, so you can develop your business

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    We will make you leaders, so we can share in your success!

    Your success is a sign of our well-coordinated, conscientious and meticulous work. All you need right now is an understanding of the processes. Join us for a cup of coffee, and see everything, with your own eyes, from the inside.

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