Sea Freight
Through close cooperation with all the major shipping lines, the company «Duke-Active» has the ability to create a logistics analysis and develop an optimal cost and delivery route of your cargo from / to anywhere in the world. Through our global network of agents we will promptly inform our customers about the movement of cargo.
Before proceeding to the transportation, will be conducted a detailed coordination of all phases of the route of the cargo with the client. We will need accurate data on weight, name, size and quantity of cargo, the place of departure and delivery conditions. Only then will begin discussions and negotiations with the client in choosing the best transport route and acceptable destination, that is the port.

We understand the importance of timely and safe delivery of your goods, and therefore instructed our experts to find the best route,

You are guaranteed to receive:

  • Reliable in terms of selected marine transit time line;
  • Optimal for you freight rates;
  • the transit time of delivery to the port of destination which suits you;
  • Reliable and professional partner in the port of loading (agent).

«Duke-Active» provides a full range of services for the organization of international and long-distance road transport of any goods from Europe and the CIS, as well as Russia.
We provide not only direct service of trucking, and customs clearance, insurance, security and maintenance of the goods.

The company «Duke-Active» owns a fleet of trucks, which allows us to deliver your goods without delay, to avoid intermediaries and to provide containers for export cargoes "on wheels."

Our company will develop an individual logistic scheme for the delivery of each consignment. All the details and terms of shipment are agreed with the shipper. Trucking realized in strictly specified strings and without delay to a specified location on a "door to door".

International road transport of goods by our company have several advantages over other types of transportation:
Convenience. Ability to deliver the goods on a "door to door". Only the trucking of goods can provide it, since the transport by rail or by air to the very consignee require additional trucking.

Short time. In the ratio of efficiency and cost of road transport is unrivaled.
More options. Road transport of goods allowed to transport various types of cargo, from dangerous to oversized.

The benefits that you get to work with our company:

• Delivery of goods is made strictly within the stipulated time, without delay;
• We provide cargo insurance on individual schemes;
• A complete warehouse service in Europe (unloading, loading, labeling, re-packing, storage);
• Tracking of on-the-way cargo by providing information about the position of the cargo at any time;
• Customs clearance in Ukraine;
• A complete list of warehouse services;
• Cargo insurance;
• Security and convoy of cargo.
Forwarding company «Duke-Active» offers a full range of services for transport by rail in domestic, international and mixed messages.
Working with our company, the customer will receive quality service, individual attention and a complete list of related services. And also save on transportation.
Our company will provide customers with fast execution of the task, a guaranteed arrival of goods at the appointed time and track w / wagons across all the stages of the route.

Rail transportation today attract its availability, stable performance, different speed, reliability, and speed the task.

We provide the following services:

• Calculation of railway rates;
• Customs declaration of transit cargo;
• Insurance guarantees of excisable goods;
• Passage of phytosanitary control of transit cargo in Ukraine;
• Protection of the cargo, including the paramilitary;
• Tracking of shipment, destination and arrival of the goods, including information overload at border crossings.

Appreciate your time and work out the best transportation with us!
For many years, "Duke-Active" cooperates with the world's leading airlines.
To date, we have tried and tested partnerships with a large network of agents worldwide. Developed partner network enables us to develop the most efficient route and provide our customers with the most competitive rates of air freight.

We have the ability to monitor and coordinate the actions of participants of air transportation, coordinate the terms and conditions of shipment. International air freight, regardless of the destination of cargo, will be completed exactly at the stipulated time.

We will carry out even the most complex logistical problems with the maximum benefit for the client. Airfreight can be cost-effective with accurate logistics calculations. Our company will save money by increase of efficiency.

When the international air cargo transportation company "Duke-Active" has a full range of transport "door to door" services with the provision of the following services:

  • delivery of cargo from / to the airport for international air transport;
  • weighing, labeling, registration required shipping documents (cargo manifest, air waybills, etc.) and other services, including all types of dangerous goods;
  • clearance at customs at the airport of arrival and departure;
  • Organization of cargo clearance within the stipulated time with the client;
  • Registration of the full package of customs and permits, including the certification of the goods;
  • booking and tracking of air cargo;
  • insurance of goods in major European insurance companies;
  • possibility of combined transportation (air + sea, air + car, etc.).
We have high quality and the best price will deliver your goods or carry out urgent cargo delivery!
Professionalism and experience of the staff "Duke-Active" allows the maximum possible terms to organize transportation of food products in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
Our company has a diesel generator (Gen Set), which are used in reefer containers for temperature maintenance (for example, during the transport of food products in accordance with the requirements of the customer), which enables the transport of perishable food products, even over long distances.

High quality products transportation company "Duke-Active" provides primarily by temperature control during transportation and timeliness of delivery.

Carrying refrigerated transport, we comply with all appropriate national and international standards.

Transport Solutions

Every organization, as well as at the individual, there are individual criteria for the selection of a particular service offered by the transport market. Some people prefer to work with global partners, with offices around the world, the other - on the contrary, prefer small companies with an individual approach to each client.

Obviously, the cost and quality of transport services depends on a number of factors relating to:

  • the presence of a specific container equipment in ports;
  • requirements for the carriage of certain goods;
  • the number of container transshipments on the route from the port of loading to port of destination;
  • Priorities of shipping lines;
  • features of the service, etc.
For optimal service, for the company using transport services in modern world, it is necessary to spend a significant amount of their own resources - human, financial, time.

The product of our company - it's knowledge of the market, working with various government organizations and maritime shipping lines. We offer you the best transport solutions with a personal touch to the customer requirements.

If you are interested in the timely delivery of goods, container shipping and freight forwarding, shipping and customs clearance, calculate the optimum route and mode of transport of the goods, the freight calculation and optimization of transportation costs, then you come to the right place.

Contact us and you, at least, save your time, getting quality advice on the cost and options for shipping of your cargo.
The company "Duke-Active" people have extensive experience in freight forwarding.
Having our own offices in key ports, extensive contacts with stevedoring companies, customs and other regulatory agencies, organizations, and storage container terminal enables port forwarding of cargo of our customers with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

Our company carries out such work as repacking, handling and other cargo operations, port clearance and shipping documents, customs clearance, survey inspection with the issuance of the instruments and certificates for the goods, posting documents on the storage, disposal and sending shipments by sea, rail and road. All this results in a clear organization of the movement of goods within the port, to avoid delays in clearance and cargo handling, eliminate downtime ships and rolling ground transportation, as well as to easily solve any other problems that arise in the process of passing through the port.

What you get:

  • Organization of cargo handling in the port and port elevators;
  • Organization of cargo traffic at the port;
  • Ensure timely submission and cleaning of cars and trucks, as well as ensuring timely preparation process these vehicles;
  • Monitoring the number and quality of incoming and loaded cargo, and timely customer notification of all events and changes in the status of the goods;
  • Working through the various issues and formalities that arise at the port railway stations;
  • Organization of the repacking of goods, custom manufacture of the packaging, loading / unloading of containers;
  • Making the return of empty containers;
  • Agree on cargo plans with captains and ship owners;
  • Organization of cargo handling by special equipment;
  • Organization of cargo storage at the port, as well as search warehouses outside the port.
Forwarding company «Duke-Active» works only with those surveyor companies that have successfully established themselves in the market and who's quality of service leaves no doubt.
We carry cargo insurance during transportation and storage. All insurance risks, if any, during the transportation of goods, return all or part of the cost of the lost cargo. It will all depend on how much damage was caused to the goods carried, but we make sure that the transport of goods has always been a positive success and the recipient was able to get their cargo on time and on schedule.

If the partial damage was still done, between the insurer and the insurance company under negotiation, in which the mutual decision to set the amount of the lost cargo, which then returned to the client.
If necessary, our company provides additional cargo insurance, armed escort and protection of goods.

What gets every client who works with our company:

• guarantee insurance, which is provided to each customer;
• transportation of cargo without harm. In the event of any loss the insurance company pays the amount by which consenting the damage occurred;

We offer a wide range of consolidation, storage of various types of cargo. The company «Duke-Active» performs placement, custody, handling cargo and goods, conducts complex of logistics operations.
Logistic services:

  • Cold and warm warehouse;
  • Convenient auto access and railway access;
  • Auto and rail rack for easy loading and unloading;
  • qualified personnel, high level of service;
  • 24 hour security.

We offer you:

  • custody of your goods with inventory control and reporting;
  • send and receive goods with trucks and rail transport in covered wagons and containers;
  • loading and unloading to / from any of the modes of transport;
  • cargo insurance on your request;
  • Development of optimal logistics of delivery.
Advantages of working with us:

  • convenient location: close to the port Odessa / Ilyichevsk.
  • Pay only for ton of your re-stuffed cargo and for the actual storage in a warehouse;
  • Full control over the presence and movement of goods in the warehouse: daily cargo storage, cargo handling and mounting in vehicles, in accordance with the standards and specifications;
  • liability for goods accepted for storage;
  • reasonable prices for services, a flexible system of discounts;
  • individual approach and attention to each client.
Our shipping company "Duke-Active" has an extensive network of freight forwarders in many ports of the world.
We provide services for transshipment of containerized cargo in any major foreign seaport with the further delivery of goods to the warehouse of the recipient.
Transport concept transshipment involves transfer from one mode of transport to another, or from one vehicle to another of the same kind. Usually such action is necessary if you want a mixed transportation of cargo or freight. For example, if you want to deliver the liquid load on water and rail route it should be implemented transshipment of cargo from rail tank to a tanker.

If the route of delivery of this cargo is carried by water and rail links, transhipment takes place on special port or rail terminals. At the terminal cargo is unloaded to the warehouse from the ship or train, and then loaded on board the ship or rail car. In stock is performed re-weighting of cargo, checking of packaging and labeling, and if it is a partial shipment, cargo is stored at warehouse, while the cargo shipment shall be fully formed. Also in stock, railway or port terminal are prepared documents (transfer sheets) for the transfer of goods or cargoes party for safekeeping to the receiving agency.

When organization of transportation is nessesary, involving cargo handling, it should be chosen a responsible approach to the issue of choice transport company. Freight carrier should have the necessary expertise in the organization of such complex transport schemes. Partners and its agents receiving carrier should have all the necessary facilities, documents, certificates and licenses. From the professionalism of the company will depend on how much freight efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively be implemented a delivery.

Operations offered "Duke-Active" at transshipment complexes of sea ports of Odessa and Illichivsk:

  • selection of the necessary container packing for any kind of cargo - liquid, dry, container, piece, dangerous, non-standard or oversized;
  • handling of cargo from truck / rail transport to depots of transshipment terminal areas;
  • packing and loading of cargo in the container;
  • consolidation of cargo in container packaging;
  • unloading of incoming cargo for transshipment container storage area at the port;
  • loading of road transport or railway cars cargo customers.
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